About Me

About me

My name is Santiago Ojeda Ramírez, and I am passionate about teaching programming and encouraging people with computing !

I am a Biomedical Engineer, Digital Humanist and school teacher. My research focus on Computer Science Education and Science Education, spanning through different fields like Video games and Digital Humanities.

I want to continue researching on how interdisciplinary learning environments, set in STEM approaches but also dialoguing with Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences can foster learners’ understandings about computing and encourage them to leverage computers for social transformation. Currently I am looking for a Ph.D. that can help me accomplish this goal.

When I am not working on my research I am reading, playing video-games, and writing fiction.

You can look at my CV here.

Previous Research Projects

Previous Research Projects

Designing a Computational Thinking Course for Arts and Humanities' Students.

Critical study on Computational Thinking Development and use in Arts and Humanities contexts. Interviewed Faculty and Students. Designed and implemented a 6-week course. Presented as a Lighting Talk ICER 2020.

Academical inclusion of the visually impaired.

In this project, we designed a real-time traductor from image to braille and audio aiming to include blind and low-vision students in higher education. For more information click on the project name

Una de Dos, Videogame.

In this project we developed a videogame to communicate and simulate the decisions that a rural family in Colombia should make in their daily living. Part of the project 'Game and Colonialism' led by MIT Game-Lab. For more information click on the project name

Dudópolis, Board game.

In this project we developed a board game which explored playable dynamics for the debate on corruption in urban contexts and its effects on the environment. For more information click on the project name.

Calle María Mercedes Carranza

In this project we designed and developed the 'Calle María Mercedes Carranza' website, made to contain the digital archive of a XX century colombian poet. Also, we developed an interactive digital edition for an unpublished poem. For more information click on the project name

Latin American Epilepsy Congress

Assembled and tested an algorithm for epileptogenic brain signals detection. Congress award. Worked with Prof. Mario Valderrama and Dr. Miguel Navarrete.
Publications and Presentations

Publications and Presentations

Designing a Computational Thinking course for Arts and Humanities’ Students

Santiago Ojeda Ramírez and Carola Hernández

Lighting talk presented at the ACM International Computing Education Research Conference hosted virtually from Aug 8th to 13th, 2020.

Making texts multiple. A proposal for digital edition in Calle María Mercedes Carranza

Andrea Sánchez Valencia, Santiago Ojeda Ramírez and Jeronimo Pizarro.

Oral presentation presented in the International Symposium Writing and revision stages, hosted by the Univeristy of Lisbon on Lisbon, Portugal. 6th-7th June 2019.


Construir Calle MMC. Arquitectura de la información en el archivo de María Mercedes Carranza

Andrea Sánchez Valencia, Santiago Ojeda Ramírez and Jeronimo Pizarro.

Gaceta CIC: Information and dissemination gazette of the Center for Research and Creation of the Faculty of Arts and Humanities of the Universidad de los Andes.


Nuevo método para la detección automática de high frequency oscillations (HFOs) basado en razones de energía y entropía del análisis tiempo-frecuencia.

Santiago Ojeda Ramírez, Miguel Navarrete, Michel Le van Quyen and Mario Valderrama

Poster presented at the 10th Latin American Epilepsy Congress on San José, Costa Rica. September 29th to October 2nd, 2018.

Abstract book



Recipient of the Congress Award with the Poster:

New method for automatic detection of high frequencyoscillations (HFOs) based on energy and entropy of time-frequency analysispresented in the the 10thLatin American Epilepsy Congress on San José, Costa Rica

Congress' Proceedings

Under the advising of Prof. Mario Valderrama and Dr. Miguel Navarrete

Ministry of Education, Colombia

Top Score in Saber 11, 2011

Part of the List of 50 students with highest performances awarded to nation-wide top scores on the Colombian ICFES-Saber 11 exam for high school graduates.

Ministry of Education, Colombia

Winner of the National Short-story Award (Concurso Nacional de Cuento) with the story Afecto por Cable, among more than a thousand participants nation-wide

The short-story can be read in spanish here

Research Experience

Research Experience

Research Assistant Feb 2020- Current

Education Faculty, Science Faculty, Universidad de los Andes, Bogotá, Colombia

Led interviews, analyzed both quantitative and qualitative data and wrote two paper-proposal for exploratory factor study of the performance of physics students and Exploratory study about PCK, Self-Efficacy and Behaviors the teaching of

Advised by Prof. Stephanie Toro

Graduate Researcher - Thesis Aug 2019- July 2020

Arts and Humanities' Faculty, Universidad de los Andes, Bogotá, Colombia

Designed an eight-week-long course for 20 students of Uniandes that took place on April -May 2020 under the project: Designing a Computational Thinking course for Arts and Humanities Students. Presented this results at ICER 2020

Led and analyzed more than 10 interviews to professors and scholars in Uniandes, aiming to know the current state of the teaching and learning of programming and computational thinking in the Faculty of Arts and Humanities.

Research Collaborator June-July 2019

MIT Comparative Media Studies, Cambridge, MA, USA

Entered data of more than 300 board games for the study Games and Colonialism. (Prof. Mikael Jakobsson)

Led a team that developed Una de Dos, a single player video game that simulates the decisions that a Colombian rural family must face in their daily lives by participating in the Workshop: Video Games for Social Impact Conducted July 2018 on Bogotá, Colombia, part of the Games and Colonialism Project. Prof. Mikael Jakobsson (MIT), Rik Eberhardt (MIT) and Prof. Pablo Figueroa (Uniandes)

Graduate Research Assistant 2018

Architecture Department, Universidad de los Andes, Bogotá, Colombia

Contributed to architecture-in-videogames research, acknowledged in two publications (1,2) and designed a board-game aimed to communicate urban political tensions in Bogotá

Graduate Research Assistant 2018-2019

Literature Department, Universidad de los Andes, Bogotá, Colombia

Designed and developed the webpage Calle María Mercedes Carranza which holds a digital archive with more than 500 pieces of a colombian poet from the XX Century.

Developed an Interactive Digital Edition , of an unpublished poem of María Mercedes Carranza using HTML, CSS and Javascript. Presented this work in an international symposium in the University of Lisbon.

Undergraduate Researcher - Thesis Project 2017

Universidad de los Andes, Bogotá, Colombia

Developed Insight a tool for the project Insight, which allowed visually impaired university students an easy access to different academic texts in an autonomous way.

Co-designed and tested 8 prototypes with blind students of Uniandes, National University of Colombia and Universidad Autónoma de Colombia, aiming that the tool build really engouraged a more inclusive environment in higher education in Colombia.

Undergraduate Researcher 2017

Universidad de los Andes, Bogotá, Colombia

Presented a poster in the 10th Latin American Epilepsy Congress and participated in the Biosignals research group of the Department of Biomedical Engineering.

Work Experience

Work Experience

STEM and Science Teacher - Curricular Innovator 2018-Current

Gimnasio Moderno School, Bogotá, Colombia

Taught Chemistry in 11th and 10th grades, Integrated Sciences and STEM in 8th and 4th grades. Classes taught in English

Mentored senior students with research projects.

Participated in the Group for curricular innovation , developing and evaluating a new curriculum focused on areas of knowledge, project-based learning and problem-based learning.

What I've learned so far

My Skills


Web Development (HTML-CSS-JS)




Quantitative and Statistical Analysis (Minitab, SPSS)

Qualitative Data Analysis (Nvivo)

Spanish (Native)

English (C1)



MA. Digital Humanities 2018 - 2020

Universidad de los Andes

Emphasis on Education. Conducted research on designing a Computational Thinking course for arts and humanities' students. Advisor: Prof. Carola Hernández



Museo Nacional de Colombia

During 2018 I was a volunteer at Museo Nacional de Colombia, where I was trained to be Museum Docent. During this year I also helped leading educational workshops for children and assisted blind and low-vision docents in their guides.



You can look at my CV here.

Get in Touch


E-mail: s.ojeda37@uniandes.edu.co